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Welcome to makeRF!

I created makeRF as a platform for self directed learning about radio electronics.

DIY and maker culture has been the norm in amateur radio (a.k.a. ham radio) since its inception. In the early days of ham radio, the only way to get on the air was to build it yourself. Jump forward many decades and off the shelf hardware is common place, but so is the desire to build equipment. There's just something satisfying about taking a pile of electronic parts and wire and generating a radio signal!

My goal is to give others interested in amateur radio a jumping off point, by making radio projects accessible to people of all skill levels.

I have a lot of ideas on where this site can go, and I'd love to hear your ideas too!

Right now I plan to cover topics about:

  • Building transmitters, receivers, and antennas
  • Experimenting with all types of RF circuits
  • General amateur radio operating
  • Reviews of products and books
  • ...and maybe some fun topics like SWL and pirate radio


Bottom line: Get out there and make some RF!

Posted: Jun 17, 2013

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